Princess April Official Website

Princess April — an aspiring 45 year old Asian model, creator, and traveler.

Import Modeling

Princess April has been working as a car model since the Ark Movement event in March 2022. She has gained extensive experience in the industry through her participation in events such as Tunerevo Socal, Spocom, and Hotpot Autofest. As a car model, Princess April has demonstrated her ability to showcase vehicles in a professional and engaging manner. Her passion for the automotive industry and her dedication to her craft make her a standout performer in the world of car modeling.

Playboy Centerfold

Princess April recently achieve a significant milestone in her career by becoming a Bunny on the Playboy Centerfold creator platform. She was named the Flirty Bunny of 2022, a title of that recognizes her charm and charisma. It has always been a dream of Princess April’s to be a Playboy Bunny, and she is thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with her audience through the platform. Those who interact with Princess April on the creator platform will no doubt be delighted by her playful nature and her commitment to providing an enjoyable and memorable experience.


As a successful model, Princess April has had the opportunity to travel extensively. From the beginning of her career, she has had a passion for exploration and a desire to see the world. Now, as an avid traveler, she has the opportunity to visit new and exciting places with her content creator friends. Through her travels, Princess April has gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences that have enriched her personal and professional life. Whether she is visiting exotic locales or exploring her own backyard, Princess April approached every trip with energy and enthusiasm, making her an engaging and adventurous companion.